Don't Scare Your Buyers Away




The wind was howling, leaves rustling, there was a chill in the air. Cobwebs adorned the paint chipped exterior. Decayed plants lay forlorn in what used to be the garden - unattended, forgotten. Counters cluttered with papers, knick-knacks and debris from last night’s dinner. The worn furniture was something from decades past. The *drip drop* from a leaky faucet carried a solemn tune throughout the hollow hallways. The family portraits plastered on the walls stared into the souls of the innocent bystanders. It could be easy to ignore, this could be your house that sits forgotten...


But, do not fear dear friends, Beth Stephan is here and she would like to give you 5 easy ways to prepare your home to place on the market!






Top 5 ways to get Your Home Ready for the Market




  1. Deep clean the interior


         Clean AC vents, baseboards and ceiling fans

         Replace AC filters

         Remove evidence of pets (litter boxes, pet food)

         Clean windows 






  1. Declutter


         Organize closets giving appearance of excellent storage

         Pack up and store items not currently in use

         Clear counter tops and junk drawers

           Remove personal photos

         Clear the kids' artwork from the refrigerator


Before Beth                                                                                             After Beth


Before Beth                                                                                          After Beth





  1. Spruce up exterior


         Power wash house and driveway

         Clean up landscaping (weed beds, trim shrubs, replenish mulch, add color)

         Clean roof and gutters

         Remove window screens







  1. Take care of deferred maintenance


          Touch up paint and holes or dents in sheetrock

          Replace burned out light bulbs

          Have carpets cleaned and stretched if necessary

          Fix running toilets or dripping sinks

 Beth3 copy





  1. Staging


         Remove excess furniture and accessories



            Make the home look and smell inviting



          If budget allows, hire a professional stager (can range from using your own items to having fresh pieces brought in)


 Before Staging                                                                                            After Staging 



We hope you found this informative and helpful; thank you for reading!!



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