Horror Stories from Realtor's Past

Fall has arrived

With beautiful days that do not go unseen

Changing leaves and a cool breeze

It’s about that time for Halloween

But, don’t let this season fool you

For the end of October is forbidding

The Halloween spirit spreads throughout the city,

Both the dead and the living

Our staff at Perdomo Properties,

Can reveal our horror stories at last

We’ve been saving them for this,

The Horror Stories of Realtors Past…




Abra Cadaver

Years ago when my husband Chris and I, were looking to move into the Memorial/Spring Branch area, I looked at close to 50 homes.  This particular day, my Mom was in town and we went “shopping" with our Realtor to see several properties in Wilchester and Nottingham.  This specific home we entered was a pretty typical 2-story floor plan I had seen many times, but we weren’t prepared for the odd odor as we entered.  We walked through the formal, next the kitchen and my Mom and I walked through the back to the family room, we stopped in our tracks when we saw it!  Behind the sofa and between it and a side table was a body. The color, or lack thereof, indicated it had been in this state for quite some time.  We signaled our agent, she came quickly in the room saw the body and we all bolted from the house as quickly as we could. I thought my heart would jump out of my chest, our adrenaline was pumping and we were so scared. She called the listing agent to report the incident and got voicemail. What is going on here???

Later that day we got a call back. See, the kids didn’t want to move, so they “booby-trapped” their beloved home with a cadaver and some interesting “sprays” around the rooms.  

Maybe, since then, I’ve shown some of you this property. You may be reading this now and it could be your home, maybe your kids are the best pranksters on the street, or maybe they’re in therapy J. Happy Halloween!! 

Kim Zander copy

(Kim Zander)



Charlotte’s Eggs

There have only been a few times in my life where I have found myself face-to-face with an extremely large spider. I’m not talking about one that weaves inspirational words about a piglet into her webs. I’m talking about one that you see and almost hit the car in front of you because if that thing falls on your head it will be the end of…well, life (true story). The only thing I could find to protect myself in my car was an umbrella. So, I hit that sucker out my side window and threw the umbrella in the back seat and got back to focusing on the road. Yes, I was out of harms reach…or so I thought. 

Over the next several days I started noticing ants crawling on the dashboard of my car. It didn’t take long for me to investigate the situation. I opened up the passenger back seat door to find ants crawling on my floorboards. So I did as any 27-year-old woman would do. I called my grandma – AKA Mimi. She suggested I buy a can of Raid and spray the back seat. I went to the closest CVS and did exactly what Mimi instructed. But, this time when I opened the door to the back seat, I did not find a few ants crawling around. NO. I found that Mother – of a spider. Yup, I mean MOTHER. MAMA. MADRE. MOMMY. I hit it out of the car for real this time and, being the caring mother that she is, she left me with a surprise.

The backseat of the car was moving! MOVING! My backseat was a delivery room for this mama’s evil spawn. I screamed out in horror and ran to get paper towels and surgical gloves so I could spray Raid over the back seat and wipe away the bodies. BUT, OH. They just kept coming out in waves from the deep depths of my car. Like soldiers coming over the valley, ready for battle…in no, not tens…not hundreds. I’m talking THOUSANDS of egg sacks, ants carrying egg sacks and yup, you guessed it, baby spiders. 

After what seemed like eternity in the hot sun, spraying Raid in the back seat and wiping spiders and ants away, all I could think of was that I would have to burn the car. It was the only way.

To this day, I have that bottle of Raid next to me in the door of my car. I think it’s pretty smart. And multifunctional, in the sense that it’s good for protecting me from creepy crawlers and strangers!


(Leigh Leppert)



Girls Just Ouija Have Fun!

Remember being a curious, rebellious kid and always wanting to do the opposite of what your parents told you? Yep, that was 10 year old me. Around this time, I was extremely obsessed with scary movies, Halloween, and all things eerie. Was I the weird kid? Maybe. But, somehow, I had friends who liked that stuff, too.

Enter the Ouija board. Once I figured out what it was, I had to try it out, obviously. Since I knew my mom would not have anything to do with it, I saved every last penny and bought one in secret to keep under my bed - ominously waiting the day it could finally be put to use.

That day finally came. I strategically - half excitedly and half hesitantly started to set it up on my bedroom floor to play at the last slumber party at my house before moving (I was not going to welcome some kind of spirit into the house if I were living there much longer). To this day, I can’t remember what exactly happened. A lot of movement of the pieces and little girl shrieks. By the end of it, we just laughed and moved on, not knowing if one of us was actually moving the pieces or not.

Over the next several weeks, before the move, weird things started happening. This included random doors shutting and walking into a room with the lights on knowing, dang well, I already turned them off (cue my Dad yelling at me for wasting energy…thanks Dad). The thing that disturbed me the most is the way my dog and cats would act at night. They would stare up at the ceiling, their eyes fixated on something completely unseen to the naked eye, as if a laser pointer was moving for them to chase. My dog would occasionally bark at walls and my cats would walk around on edge, tails puffed up. Needless to say, I locked them out of my room every night. I was not about to see whatever creepy thing they were. And I never got the chance to because we moved, and my pets went back to being fat, lazy, and the most un-observant creatures on the planet.

Laura Krumm

(Laura Krumm)



Multiple Listing Disorder

BEWARE - Recently, I had a cute little listing that I placed on the market that went under contract very quickly. We were in the option period and were going through the inspection process when I found out that the buyer was trying to sell my listing for himself, for more money! He told me he was bringing contractors to the house to get bids, when in fact he was bringing buyers! I thankfully found out quickly about his deception. He was even advertising the house with my photos and information!

Julie Sheets Halloween

(Julie Sheets)



Nightmare on Realtor Street

It was my second year in the business, circa 1995. I had recently been married and we were ready to buy a house… so I was looking to make some money!!  My broker gave me a “lead” - a young couple moving from Ardmore, Oklahoma.  At this point, I was hungry for buyers so I said “Sure!!! I am happy to help them!!”  My firm at the time specialized in corporate relocation, so we had the reputation of knowing ALL of Houston. Houston also had a reputation of being “affordable,” so it was perfect for the families who were interested in saving money rather than putting it into a house.  When I picked up the couple and their 3-year-old daughter from the hotel, they were so excited to find their new home - and they only had 4 days to make a decision.  As I took them back to the office, the questions started… “So, I hear Clear Lake is fun - right by the water! And then this Kingwood - near a lake and lots of trees?  And isn’t that near the Woodlands?  Oh, and my cousin’s mother-in-law lives in this place called Cinco Ranch?  And Friendswood - that sounds really cool too! And clearly we need to see the Energy Corridor as that is right by his office!”  To make a long story short, 4 days of driving them all over “Houston,” 3 tanks of gas in my old Expedition, a $780 AT&T cell bill for my brick phone, and they, unfortunately, decided Houston wasn’t as affordable as the reputation it was given.


(Tracy B. Ackley)








Happy Halloween from Perdomo Properties!


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