Love It to List It

Love It to List It


Love It to List It

“Hey Eddie, I’ve decided to sell our house – last month’s blog from your wife had such great advice. But, er, what should I do now? I’d like a good price, but don’t want to do too much to the property. Can you help?”

For those who missed last month’s blog (The Market Was Hot Now It's Not - What's Happening and Who's Moving?), Eddie, my husband, was fielding questions left, right and center from friends and club members on the local high-end property market.

So, it looks like he’s at it again!!

People have decided to sell and want more of his advice. Do they not know? I am the broker and Eddie is the business executive.

And so it was, the subject of this month’s blog was settled: Love it to List it.

Here’s some ideas on what you need to do:


1. Love at First Sight

Taylorcrest 13518 IMG 03First impressions matter at times like these. Buyers want to “feel the love” as soon as they pull up to your property.  That means spending just as much time preparing the outside of your house as you do on the inside. Planting some colorful flowers, cleaning the leaves off of your roof, and power washing your home are just a few ideas on how to make the exterior pop.


2. Share the Love Indoors

Piney Pt 500 IMG 21Not everyone has the same taste in interior decorating. Help a buyer adore your house as much as you do by having your home staged.  A stager can help maximize the use of your space by moving furniture around and removing certain items from the house to attract a wide-range group of buyers.



3. Paint My Heart

vintage bright pink living room inspirationA buyer can have a hard time imagining themselves living in a house with a bright pink living room.  Help bring in the buyers by giving the rooms in your house a fresh coat of paint, and keep it to neutral colors like whites, beiges, and grays. 



4. Big Things Don't Always Come in Small Packages

cantaloupeIf you have lived in your house a long time, it is easy to keep every little item and family picture out on display.  Keep this saying in your mind, “less is more.”  Anything less than the size of a cantaloupe should be removed from shelves, countertops etc. Buyers want to be able to envision themselves living in the house, and it can be hard when there is a lot going on. 


5. Tender, Love, & Care

puerto vallarta home maintenanceBuyers want a home that is in top-notch condition.  Go through your home before you get ready to list on the market and fix any problems that may be overdue. That means leaky faucets, caulking and touchup paint, and having your HVAC serviced. 



In summary, we know it can be tough to sell your house.  We hope these tips will help you start the process!  After all, home is where the heart is.

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